Our Mission: 

love God | love people | serve the world

Why? To bring the better way of Jesus to a busted world. 

How? We strive to be like the very first church, illustrated in Acts 2:42-47. The attributes demonstrated by the early fellowship of believers are the building blocks of our very foundation as Christians: 

Hospitality | Gracious in our circles of relationship > Is it including? 

Authenticity | Truthful in our vulnerabilities > Is it real? 

Identity | Rooted in a relationship with the Heavenly Father > Is it making my Father proud? 

Compassion | Digging out the buried > Is it helping without hurting? 

Creativity | Seeing new possibilities > Is it the best way? 

Generosity | Fearless givers of what we have been given > Is it risk taking? 

Mission | Devoted to expanding the Kingdom > Is it multiplying followers and leaders?