About:: Class

Our About:: Class is a laid back gathering in which we talk about who we are as a church, what we believe, and what's expected of me if I call this place home. You will meet pastors, staff, members, and new folks, and you will see how our building functions on Sundays as well as during the week. Childcare and dinner are provided while you are attending About:: Class. Click HERE to see upcoming dates and register for the About:: Class that fits your schedule. 

Baptism Splash! 

In our Splash! Class, we take a deeper look at baptism: what it says in the Bible, what it means to you, and what it looks like at Foundry Church. Any great impression on a life deserves a meaningful expression. So if Jesus has made a great impression on your life, isn't it time for you to make a meaningful expression? The baptism splash is the perfect expression for the life changing impression made by Jesus. Childcare is available for your little ones while you are attending Splash! Class. Are your children interested in baptism? Parents and children are invited to KidSplash!, our special info meeting designed just for kids and their parents. To register for the next Splash! Class, click HERE.