The Team @ Foundry Church



    As Lead Pastor and Spiritual Janitor, Brian is engaged in the teaching, mission vision, values, and leading the teaching team. Brian is most comfortable in the boiler room, providing love and service, rather than in the boardroom. 

    {read more about Brian}

  • Dave Porter

    Worship & IT pastor

    Dave has served Foundry Church since 2005 in all things worship, including worship music, band leader, assisting worship leaders, sound, creative design, website design, and IT. He continues to develop worship leaders and bands, and stay on the leading edge of church-relevant tech. {read more about Dave}

  • Troy Clark

    Troy has transitioned off the staff team as of 12.15.17. But Troy, Julie, and their family are still very much part of the church and the leadership at Foundry, which we think is super cool. {read more about Troy

  • Russel Rader

    connections pastor

    Russel's focus is on making sure people feel like they can belong here, even before they believe, and that there is a better way to live their lives that is found in God. He loves connecting with people and telling them this good news. {read more about Russel

  • Greg Moore

    Student pastor

    Greg is amazing as he leads the youth of Foundry Church. His focus is to model the "up, in, and out" of a relationship with Jesus Christ, and equip and empower students to experience Jesus Christ in their lives. Greg has been part of Foundry Church for 18 years. {read more about Greg

  • Julie Clark

    Children's Director


  • Irving Müller

    ReDeploy REsident

    Irving focuses on getting people to engage in ministry -- moving from "consumer" to "contributor". He wants to help volunteers understand the importance of stepping up to do what is needed in service of Jesus and community. {read more about Irving

  • Chelsea Hatfield

    Operations Director

    Chelsea provides leadership for our facilities and finance administration. She has been a member of Foundry for over 10 years. Chelsea and her husband Jeff have 4 kids: Jaymin, Jettison, Jia and Jagger. She graduated from K-State with a degree in Interior Design and has a passion for organization and order. She loves to travel, read, sit in coffee shops and eat out!

  • Erin has a hand in everything from communications to facility calendar management to special events. She knows that every person has specific gifts, and it is her role to support others in fulfilling theirs. 

    {read more about Erin

  • Linda Jensen

    Donations Processor

    Linda is responsible for processing all funds received by the church. To her, the most important aspect of her job is accuracy, competency, and confidentiality. In her 20 years at Foundry, Linda has seen God move in amazing ways. {read more about Linda

  • Shellie Sailer

    Coffeehouse Manager

    Shellie, as the manager of Foundry Coffee House, sees her ministry as the front door of the church. She strives to make sure everyone who comes through the doors is welcomed and made to feel that this is a place where they can belong. {read more about Shellie}

  • Marshall Burnet

    F365 INTERN

    Marshall tries to reach out to youth and serve as a good example of Christ-like living in today's world. Marshall joined Foundry in June 2017 for a one-year internship, during which he is working with Foundry Kids, Foundry Students, and coffeeshop ministries. {read more about Marshall

  • Inga Phillips

    F365 INTERN

    Inga is mission-minded and spends much of her time helping young people understand what missional work is all about. She began her one-year internship with Foundry in June 2017, where she assists with Youth events, sets up for Sunday services, and assists various projects. {read more about Inga

  • Elders

    Spiritual Oversight Team

    Kent Broddle: {read more about Kent

    Louis Curtis: {read more about Louis

    John Duma: {read more about John

    Mark Eaton: {read more about Mark

    Rich Ronning: {read more about Rich}

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    Jack Varela: {read more about Jack}