Go touchless

We have new touchless ways to:

  • Check your kids in
  • Sign up for an event
  • Fill out a digital connect card (on the events page)
  • Get in a group
  • Give

You can do all these tings from our new app. Download the app HERE,

Please fill out a digital "connect card" HERE to let us know you were here and any prayer requests you might have. 


Info about our Groups HERE

We believe that we were created to do life together, not alone. Our Growth Groups provide an environment for people to form closer relationships in small, relaxed settings. Whether meeting in homes or at church, in the morning or evening, or on pretty much any day of the week, we hope to offer a Growth Group topic and setting that invites you in.  

Brand new Growth Groups start three times a year, with NEW opportunities for NEW people to engage in NEW groups with NEW topics in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. It is important to us that people grow through learning, so we always strive to have a wide range of topics available to choose from in our Growth Group structure.

We also have many serving groups. Some of them are listed at the link above. Check them out.

If you have questions about Growth Groups at Foundry Church, please e-mail Brian HERE

Marriage Mentoring

Let's be honest: it is hard to love someone "'till death do you part." At Foundry Church, we value marriage and want to help yours be great. Marriage Mentors pairs you with a couple who can walk alongside you on your journey with your spouse. Click HERE to contact our Marriage Ministry Team. 

Fight Club

Fight Club is a men's accountability group and Bible study. Together, we hold ourselves accountable to be the men God created us to be, asking: Am I... >getting alone with God in prayer? >spending time in God's word? >loving people far from God? >discipling someone in God's ways? >serving my community? >making a kingdom difference? >giving my 100% best in my job? >leveraging my finances for the cause of Christ? >performing only to impress others? >telling any half-truths or lies? >training in exercise, food, and sleep? >exposing myself to explicit content? >losing control of my temper? >allowing anything to rob me of joy? >creating quality time with my family? >making my wife feel cherished? ...So, what will I do about it? 

Click HERE to e-mail if you have questions about Fight Club. All men are invited to join us 6.30a Wednesdays and Fridays. 


C.H.A.N.G.E. (Christ Has A New Goal Envisioned) is a 12-step, Christian-based recovery group. We meet with the hope that, through the power of God and the fellowship of the group, we will learn in time to be free of our addictions. It does not matter what the addiction is, as long as it is keeping you from living a full and healthy life. Everything surrounding this group, from your name to anything you say in the group, is totally confidential. 

Join us if you are ready to make a C.H.A.N.G.E.: 6.30-7.30p every Tuesday in the Parkside Building (building closest to the park). If you have questions or want to learn more, click HERE to e-mail John.