Facilities Crew

Our facilities serve as both a church and a community center, so they get some serious use. Lightbulbs need to be changed, drywall repaired, walls painted, doors fixed, and more. We honestly don't mind that our place gets dirty and even damaged. It is not a party until something gets broken! But that broken stuff needs fixing. We work really hard to keep this place "ready for guests" all the time. And you can help in one of three ways: 

1. Join the crew. If you have handy skills or trades experience, we need you. The Facilities Crew meets together to knock out repairs, improvements, and renovations on a monthly basis. You can learn more learn more about being a part of the crew by filling out THIS form.

2. Spotters needed. If you spot a repair that is needed, let us know. Please complete the facilities work order HERE

3. Serve big in a small amount of time. Three times a year we rally together to serve big. Our Spring Spruce is an annual work day at the church, getting everything in top shape inside and out. In June we get out into the city and serve through What if the Church. Serve our City is on the first Saturday of October -- we tackle some kind of "Extreme Home Makeover" project. Let us know if you want to serve.

Contact Operations Director Randall HERE for more info.