Ready to Give?

We have updated our giving platform to Planning Center Online.  

We encourage everyone to consider using an ACH transaction.  

It only costs .25 compared to the 2.5% charge when using a credit/debit card.  

To learn more about setting up giving on Planning Center, Watch this 1:00 VIDEO HERE.

To update your giving preferences, or to make a gift click the button below.  


"Owe nothing to anyone except for your obligation to love one another."  ~Romans 13:8


The ultimate goal is to unleash our first 2 loves: to Love God and to Love People. Focusing on LOVE, we can bring the better way of Jesus to more people in our community and invite them into the Foundry family.  

Love Unleashed will significantly reduce a $2.2 million mortgage and unleash more resources to fuel a renewed focus on Kids, Students, and Families. This 3 year effort is all about our mission to love God, love people, and serve the world.  

To give a one time gift OR setup your recurring LOVE UNLEASHED gift, click the button below. 


Live out our value of Generosity-being fearless givers of what we've been given. Each Sunday at Foundry Church, we give to fuel and propel the mission of the church. Giving is a great way to live. Giving our time to serve, giving our unique skills to help someone else, and giving our money shows we trust God to provide and that we believe in what is happening through the church. Giving will make a huge difference in your INvolvement. Giving will move you from sideline spectator to in-the-game contributor. IN is a good place to be. 

You Might Want To Know

> 10% of every dollar given on Sundays goes to Extend. Extend is our ministry team that partners with local and global organizations to change their world, from Kansas City to New York City to Poland to Africa. For more information about those partnership and how you can get Involved, click HERE.  

> There are layers of accountability for finances. A finance team reviews and directs financial decisions. The staff has accountable access to funds for ministry expenses. The budget is public and affirmed by the church membership each fall. Our accounting procedures have been reviewed by outside entities. Your giving is your business. The staff and leadership of the church do not review individual giving information and will not approach you about your level of giving. Your annual giving statements are compiled through a confidential process.  

> There is more than one way to give. Foundry Church is a 501(c)3 organization, which means that your gifts are considered charitable contributions for tax purposes. Giving envelopes are available Sundays on our carts as you enter the gym. Many Foundry Church folks use electronic giving (automatic funds transfer) to be consistent and scheduled. To setup your electronic giving, click HERE.  If you have questions about electronic giving, e-mail HERE

> Giving is a form of worship. Our giving demonstrates our trust in God as our provider. Giving back 10% (a tithe) each week is one way of living out the mission of love God, love people, and serve the world.