"Owe nothing to anyone except for your obligation to love one another."  ~Romans 13:8


The ultimate goal is to unleash our first 2 loves: to Love God and to Love People. Focusing on LOVE, we can bring the better way of Jesus to more people in our community and invite them into the Foundry family.  

Love Unleashed will significantly reduce a $2.2 million mortgage and unleash more resources to fuel a renewed focus on Kids, Students, and Families. This 3 year effort is all about our mission to love God, love people, and serve the world.  

Make a one-time gift to Love Unleashed HERE. 

Q&A Sessions

Please click HERE to register to join us for one of three Q&A events to learn more about Love Unleashed for Foundry's Kids, Students, and Families. All are invited to attend and ask questions. 

High school students are encouraged to attend with their parents. Childcare and light refreshments will be provided. Be assured that this gathering will have the same missional approach which is characteristic of Foundry Church. This will simply be a time for sharing information, prayer, and fellowship. No financial commitments will be made. 

Prayer Marathon Sign-up

Friday, April 27th - Saturday, April 28th

Love God. Love People. Please join us for a 24 hour prayer marathon at Foundry for Foundry. There will be designated spaces along with prayer suggestions to lead you during the half hour time slots. We encourage families to participate together! If you're interested in signing up click HERE

GEt the Facts

For the quick info on Love Unleashed: The numbers, the overview, the ways to get involved, click HERE.  

Commitment Cards

We will be taking up the commitment cards on Sunday, April 29th during our services.  

If you would like to see what the commitment cards look like, please click HERE.