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We have updated our giving platform to Planning Center Online.  

We encourage everyone to consider using an ACH transaction.  

It only costs .25 compared to the 2.5% charge when using a credit/debit card.  

To learn more about setting up giving on Planning Center, Watch this 1:00 VIDEO HERE.

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"Owe nothing to anyone except for your obligation to love one another."  ~Romans 13:8


The ultimate goal is to unleash our first 2 loves: to Love God and to Love People. Focusing on LOVE, we can bring the better way of Jesus to more people in our community and invite them into the Foundry family.  

Love Unleashed will significantly reduce a $2.2 million mortgage and unleash more resources to fuel a renewed focus on Kids, Students, and Families. This 3-year effort is all about our mission to love God, love people, and serve the world.

To give a one-time gift OR setup your recurring LOVE UNLEASHED gift, click the button below.   

GEt the Facts

For the quick info on Love Unleashed: 

The numbers, the overview, the ways to get involved, click HERE.  

interested in reaching families?

If you are interested in helping us reach families in our community and

would like to make a financial commitment, contact Linda Jensen HERE,  

or if you would like to fill out and submit a commitment card, 

please click HERE to print off the card, fill it out and drop it to off at Foundry.