Serve Locally

We love our community and our city, and we have great partners that are making the community and city a better place. Read on to learn about our mission partners serving in our neighborhoods and throughout the Kansas City area. 

Serve Our City

Foundry Church loves to show up and surprise someone with Serve Our City. Each fall, we get to paint, build, fix, landscape, and do so much more for someone who needs help. Dozens of volunteers roll up their sleeves to help someone in our community maintain or improve their home. You can serve by lending a hand. You can serve by sharing your construction expertise. You can serve by helping organize the project. 

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Serve Our City: Pack the Fridge

This year for the Serve Our City project, we are taking our food drive initiative to a new level! We will be collecting specific items for hungry families, preparing, assembling and then actually delivering those meals. From October 6-27, we are collecting the ingredients. On Sunday, November 3 from 1-3 pm. we will meet at Lenexa City Center Kitchen to assemble and deliver the meals to agencies that serve hungry families right here in Lenexa and the Greater Kansas City area. This is a family event! Light snacks and beverages will be provided. Lunch will be available for purchase at Lenexa City Center Publçu can bring your own of course.

Volunteer Options

Meal Prep: 5 people - November 2 4-7:30 pm at ACA Catering

Assembly Day Set Up: 4 people - November 3, 11:30 - 1 pm

Meal Assembly: 25 November 3, 1-3 pm at Lenexa City Center Public Market

Meal Delivery: 3 people (following event) November 3

Specific Ingredients List:

Chicken Veggie Rice Casserole

Fully Cooked Canned Chicken Breast (i.e. Kirkland’s from Costco or Members Mark from Sam’s)
Instant Minute or 5 Minute White Rice
Canned Mixed Vegetables – Carrots, Peas, Corn

Cream of Chicken - any size can
Chicken Broth Canned or Boxed – for gluten free meals

Fiesta Mexican Casserole

Flour Tortillas – 8 inch

Corn Tortillas – 6 or 8 inch for gluten free meals

Pace Picante Mild Salsa ONLY

Instant Minute or 5 Minute White Rice

Seasoned Canned Black Beans

Urban Scholastic Center

The Urban Scholastic Center, under the leadership of Chuck Allen, is raising new leaders from the urban core of Kansas City, Kansas. Through education, arts, and mentoring, you can join the USC team. You can serve a meal on Wednesday nights. You can mentor students in the after school programs. You can host an event or party for USC students. You can invite a group of USC students to see how your business operates. Click HERE to get more information on Urban Scholastic Center. 


New churches reach more new people. That’s a fact. Foundry Church believes in planting new churches. Our partner Stadia is committed to launching new, vibrant, world changing churches in KC and the US. You can serve by helping with launch events and community service in surrounding areas. You can serve by giving financially. You can serve by praying for the plans being drawn up for a new church that will make a difference. For more information on Stadia, click HERE.

Johnson County Multi-Services

Many people in our neighborhoods and community have housing, food, and utility needs. We partner with Johnson County Multi-Services to serve families and individuals in need. Each month, 4-5 families get help through tough times. Each November, Foundry Church serves our community through the “feed someone” campaign, replenishing the food pantry at JoCo Multi-Services. You can serve by working one day a month organizing the pantry. You can serve by donating non-perishable food items. You can serve by delivering food to families. For more information, click HERE

What If The Church?

What If churches in Kansas City knew each other? What if churches in KC served the needs of the community together? What if the churches in KC partied together occasionally? That is the heart of “What if” - a consortium of churches who take three weeks each year and sing off the same sheet of music. In 2009, eleven churches participated in What If. Churches welcomed pastors from other churches to preach. Churches served the urban core with a turnout of over 1700 people on a one-day serving blitz, and thousands came together for a night of worship. In 2015, more than 30 churches joined the What If cause. Foundry Church is the home office for What If. You can serve by leading a serve day project. You can serve by donating construction and landscape materials. You can serve in organizing this city-wide venture. For more information, click HERE

For more information about serving locally or globally email us HERE.