There is an unfortunate story that is being told with greater frequency: a pastor exits ministry. The situations and scenarios vary from former pastor to pastor, but the result is the same. Somewhere along the way sin, disillusionment, unrealistic expectations, micro-managing, immaturity, a failed church plant, "burn out," or some other event takes place, and the pastor leaves the post. It is easy to write these exiting pastors off as unfit, unqualified, or simply unable to handle church leadership -- and in some instances this may be true. However, how can so many different Bible Colleges, denominations, elders and board members, and ordination committees be endorsing men and women who are then deemed "unfit" just three, five, or ten years down the road? How can the church change the tide and redeem the hurting pastor, and in turn, redeploy these kingdom multipliers? 

The ministry of [re]Deploy exists to meet the "exited pastor" and restore them to health through a 9-15 month residency. The end goal for a resident is not necessarily full-time ministry, although we think that would be great. Rather, we want the resident to regain their appreciation and love for God's church -- the broken, battered, bruised, and blessed bride of Christ. Our expectation is when the resident completes [re]Deploy, they will be an integral part of church work and leadership, whether vocationally or in the marketplace. Every residency will hinge on three pillars: 

  1. Care Plan -- Each resident has a Care Plan which addresses holistic needs. What physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual disciplines need to be put into place for the resident to be alive and fully in love. Each care plan is dynamic and adaptive
  2. Care Team -- Each resident has a Care Team of 4-6 individuals who are committed to seeing the resident return to health. The purpose of the Care Team is for growth, accountability, encouragement, and oversight
  3. Part of a Team -- Each resident will function as an integral part of the church staff team, given real tasks and responsibilities within their areas of giftedness and passion in addition to their work around soul-care. [re]Deploy is unique in that the resident's restoration takes place within the local church

What can each resident expect? 

  • A 9-15 month residency
  • Become an active part of a church staff
  • Explore ministry hurts and frustrations, and seek healing alongside the [re]Deploy staff
  • Help finding what comes next vocationally -- i.e. being redeployed

How do I get involved? 

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